When life becomes to much
When your head starts spin
When you can’t see which way to go
Just relax

Just relax

To much to do
No time to do it
How, how, how?
Just relax

Don’t get stressed
Dont’t overreact
Don’t get wound up
Just relax

Chill out
Be calm
Slow down
Just relax

Look at the world around you
Absorb the important
Forget the rest
Just relax


Smiling all the while
A smile that goes beyond a mile
A thing of beauty

A glimmer of light
A ray of hope
Sadness into happiness
All from just a smile

An end to conflict
The start of peace
The beginning of love
All from just a smile

When you’re feeling down
It’s best not to frown
Make yourself happy
All from just a smile

When times are tough
There’s no need to fear
Share life with those around
All from just a smile

Children and adults
From all the world
Make peace and joy
All from just a … smile

Super Moon

A jewel up high
Glowing bright in the dark sky
Closer than in sixty eight years
And not again for eighteen more

The sun drops low
Darkness falls
Stargazers watch as the clouds drift apart
Waiting with anticipation 

Flooding the earth with moonlight

Jaws drop
Eyes open
Animals take a peek
Silence across the ground

Then a gust of wind
Across come the clouds
Darkness falls
And the moon is gone

My Family

My life is my family
My family is my life 

My wife
My kids
My parents, in laws and others
Even our dog

When hard times come
A cuddle
A smile
Make it all worth while

A glimmer 
A flicker
Or even a snigger 
Laughing all the while

We have fun
We have love
We live to enjoy
We even go wild

It’s not always easy 
It’s not always fun
But one things for sure
We will never run

For together we can overcome
Any mountain
Any obstacle
Any challenge thrown our way

With love
With a smile
With fun
We are one… family

The Hero’s

Down in the trenches
Down in the mud
Under the gunfire
Under the blood

They went over the top and down in the mud
They gave their lives to save our blood

Returning home
Injured, wounded and battle weary
Our support is what they need
In order to return some normality 

Torn and worn
Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers
Left behind for all to see
Help them all to be like you and me

Protecting us now
Lives on the line
Risking it all for yours and mine
Spare a thought to keep them fine

Gunfire, explosions, battles and war
Our hero’s have seen it all and much more
They’ve been over the top and down in the mud
They’ve given their lives to save our blood

We must never forget any of thee

Put on a poppy
And take just a minute
To remember how they all used to be

Poems by PoElliottly