#Silverstone #BritishGP #F1 #TeamLH

Alongside the wing all eyes watch…
The red lights on… The sweat beads down…

Waiting… anticipating…
Lights off now and away we go!

Wheels spin up
Engines roar as the right foot floors

It’s Abbey first
And it’s a fast flick right

Foot to the floor

Farm Curve
s us left

Hard on the brakes and it’s
Through Village right

Squirt the power
And we Loop to the left

Flat through Aintree
Skim the curbs and power out

Speed to the max
It’s a whiz down Wellington Straight

Brooklands right
Run round wide

Keep it tight to the right
Lingering… it’s Luffield left … sorry right

Then loud pedal down

whips us right

A lift for Copse
Then hard again

Keep it flowing

is left

Becketts is right

Chapel flat left
Full beans again

Under the bridge no time to be slow
No hanging around on Hanger Straight

Stowe comes quick, on this track it never stops
Carry the speed and run wide right

Dip down then up
It’s hard left Vale

Club to the right… makes us wait…
Loud pedal, full beans, give it everything we’ve got

And across the line
Repeat again

Pit stops and safety cars
Friends and foes
Who knows which way this race will go
Then round comes Lewis

Chequered flag waves him across the line
Home fans cheer in delight



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