Xmas Day

Wake up
Wake up
It’s Xmas Day
It’s Xmas Day

Excitement fills the air
Has he been?
Can we look?
What’s he left?

The kids sneek down the stairs
Past the one’s that creeeaaakkk
Now it’s time to peek
And see

Slowly opening the door
The light flickers on
He’s been
He’s been

Rush to the presents
I need to find mine
What have I got?
Open them up

My dreams come true
It’s just what I wanted
Santa’s the best
He’s made my day

Mum and dad come in
We tell them what we’ve found
Now more presents
With smiles and fun abound

Prepare for lunch
Family will soon arrive
Then more presents
More smiles and joy

We eat too much
We need a sleep
The kids eat the chocolates
Then they feel sick

Time for bed
Memories run wild
It’s a day we’ll remember
And one that will be told

But for now it’s sleep
For tomorrow we start
To count down to Xmas
For the next is but a year away

Merry Xmas,
from Poelliottly

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