On the twenty fifth day of Xmas

On the first day of Xmas
The children get excited
Up go the advent calendars
And out come the treats

On the second day of Xmas
The grown ups join in
The carols get sung
The wine gets drunk

On the third day of Xmas
It’s time to get the tree
We pick the biggest one
And stick the angel on top

On the fourth day of Xmas
The lights twinkle away
The sweets come out
And the kids eat too many

On the fifth day of Xmas
We all write our lists
We put the lots of things on it
And then post it to the North Pole

On the sixth day of Xmas
We start to do the shopping
Everywhere is busy
And we’ve run out of money

On the seventh day of Xmas
The cards start to arrive
We stick them all up
And they all fall back down

On the eighth day of Xmas
Everyone’s excited
The dog’s got in the tree
But the kids blame me

On the ninth day of Xmas
The after eights have been eaten
The mince pies have vanished
And the sweets are no where to be seen

On the tenth day of Xmas
We start to do the wrapping
The dog helps unwrap
We’ve run out of sticky tape

On the eleventh day of Xmas
Xmas films on TV
Snuggle up together
It’s time for family

On the twelfth day of Xmas
The letters come back from Santa
The kids start to behave
The grown ups can relax

On the thirteenth day of Xmas
There’s still too much to do
The kids argue
It’s stress time for me and you

On the fourteenth day of Xmas
It’s all calm again
Carols playing everywhere
Present wrapping time again

On the fifteenth day of Xmas
The frost begins to form
The air turns cold
It’s looking wintery

On the sixteenth day of Xmas
It’s the last day of school
End of term fun
The teachers are happy

On the seventeenth day of Xmas
It’s time to visit family
Even those you’ve not seen for a while
It’s smiles and joy for everyone

On the eighteen day of Xmas
Friends come over
Presents get given
The dogs opened them all

On the nineteenth day of Xmas
Less than one week to go
The kids get more excited
And secretly the grown ups too!

On the twentieth day of Xmas
Everything is wrapped
Put it under the tree
But I just want to see…

On the twenty first day of Xmas
Snow starts to fall
Icicles hang down
Warm the hands with a cup of tea

On the twenty second day of Xmas
Time to catch your breathe
Time to sit down
Soon we’ll be running round maniacally

On the twenty third day of Xmas
Last minute shopping
The shops are running low
But don’t worry, we’ll make do

On the twenty forth day of Xmas
Lots to get done
Oh yes there is
It’s time to see the Panto

On the twenty fifth day of Xmas
It’s Xmas day!
All the presents, food and fun
Let’s all have a fantastic family day!

Merry Xmas,
from Poelliottly!

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