A Tour

There were but three
Two previously sacked
Well technically not

A show they would build
An audience of intergalactic proportions
Desire, speed and passion
But one who is slower behind

Far they would go
Controversial they would be
The end of the road was no limit
No, not for these three

An ape would want feeding
But, hot not cold
What actually happened?
We’ll never see…

But then an era to breathe
And Prime they would be
For these three adventurers
Would go forth with speed

A tour was born
Grand it would be
An American driver included
Glum he would be

From country to country
All out of a tent
Not past, not present
The future is where they will be

Download from midnight
Watch on repeat
For this team of misfits
The journey is not yet complete

A race
A dash
Some horsepower
Some smoke

A donut
A slide
Some drifting
Some brown stuff squeezed in…

But only from two
For one is much quieter
Technical and measured
But slow does he go

The next a bit wilder
Bikes seem his way
Occasionally crashes, quite regularly
But he seems OK…

The ape is a the glue
He cements it together
But sometimes too big
Or is his ride too small?

They’ve been far
They’ve been wide
Even to the Amazon
But they take it all in their stride

Others have tried
A double sized team could not even compare
Not to these guys
They actually care

Each week we wait
To see what is next
We need our fix
We need our rush

Where they go next
We wait and see
But remember
A car show… well maybe


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