Xmas Decorations 

Up in the loft
Dad searches by torch light
He passes the boxes down below
The family gets excited

Xmas songs fill the air
A glass of wine or beer
Something softer for the younger years
Clink, clink, clink

Open the boxes
Smells of Xmas comes alive
So many decorations
Which ones to do first

Up goes the tree, it’s far too big
On go the lights, let’s start them again…
It all looks perfect, we’re finally pleased
The angel on top is all we need

A Santa here
A snowman there
A reindeer …
He must go somewhere

The outside lights, a battle to unwind
A ladder to climb, to put them up high
Make them look right, to create a smile
The lights twinkle and glow all night and a while

Out comes a card holder
A change of a wall picture
Some tinsel and bells
Xmas sounds and smells

Pine cones and baskets
Village scenes with snow
Candles a flicker and glow
The dog wants to help, but we do not know

A runner on the table
A centre piece of magic
Place mats all around
Golds and reds abound

The boxes back to the loft
Some pictures and smiles
It’s time to relax
For in a few weeks time we reverse it all

But before that time
Some magic will happen
We’ll admire and smile, laugh and giggle
Listening for the bells to ring on that night all the while


1 thought on “Xmas Decorations 

  1. Lovely ! Thanks for sharing and have a great week 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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