A race like no other
A race around the clock
Shrouded in myth
Shrouded in legacy

Three to drive
But a team beyond
Sun goes up
Lights go out

Ferrari, Toyota
Ford and Porsche
Aston, Nissan
Oreca and more

Dunlop, Mulsanne, esses and straights
Foot to the floor forevermore
Pit stops and fixes
Crashes and fires

The sun goes down
Full beams go on
The race continues
All night long

The sun comes up
The mist clears off
Who’s left now?
Many are not

Sun beams down
Changes a plenty
More drama still yet to come
Lap by lap with all our might

The clock ticks down
And across the line
The checkered flag waves
Another winner crowned


A celebration of arrival
A first not remembered by I
A first for family and friends
Parties and jellies and foods to enjoy
Presents galore that won’t fit through the door
Presents shrink and parties decline
Those who are important still by my side
Each year I celebrate that I am here
Smiles and laughter
Memories and giggles
Fun all around every year
That’s my birthday



With friends
With family
With one or many
Or even alone

Discussed when we’re gone
Passed on again and again

Live life
Have fun
Make memories
Make them exciting

Enjoy them and share them with everyone

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Poems by PoElliottly